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Sunset on the Mornington Peninsula

Note to self, spend more time on the Mornington Peninsula! I rented a beach house near Rye (about an hour from Melbourne) for three days and it was amazing! The coastline is beautiful down here and perfect for photography. A storm rolled in on the final afternoon and really brought the sky to life with intense lightning in one direction and a gorgeous sunset in the other. I found this cool little cave and did a little bit of exploring, slowly backing out of the cave as I remembered about all the dangerous animals here in Australia… Haha easy to forget when you’re from NZ, there’s nothing dangerous back home!

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The Road from Queenstown to Glenorchy

Is this the most beautiful drive in the world? I wouldn’t argue if you thought so! We spent about an hour at this special spot on the road between Queenstown and Glenorchy watching the colours change as soft, puffy clouds floated over Lake Wakatipu. Naturally I took way too many photos and had all kinds of problems choosing the one I liked best, haha classic first world problems!

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Squeezing Through Antelope Canyon

We stopped at a number of cool spots on the way to Burning Man, including beautiful Antelope Canyon. We were a little late for the ‘pro tour’ so had to squeeze through the canyon with all the other plebs 🙂 haha not too bad but I can only imagine the shots you could get with a little more time and space to work with, the colours are mind-blowing!

Leaving my tripod behind I cranked the ISO to around 800 and experimented with various shutter speeds to see how good the Sony A7r II steadyshot feature is… turns out it’s pretty good! Not all my shots we’re crisp but I found enough to work with including this one right here.

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Epic Voringfossen

There are some things that just have to be seen to be believed and I think the Voringfossen waterfall is one of them. I mean just look at that thing, it’s SO EPIC! You’ll find it in Eidfjord by the way, close to the road that connects Bergen to Oslo, it’s well worth a look (just in case my all caps shouting didn’t make that obvious).

Epic Voringfossen

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Drifting Through the Night

I make lots of little mistakes on my travels but in a way I kind of like it! A lot of my favourite moments happen by accident so I’ve learned to embrace an element of randomness. Which brings me here, to the side of a winding road somewhere in the Faroes. I’m on an island named Vagar, it’s getting late and my destination is further away than I thought, but man, it’s just awesome out here!

Drifting Through the Night

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Gásadalur and the Mulafossur Waterfall

Gasadalur is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been! Up until 10 years ago the only way you could get to this little village (of about 20 people) was to climb over a mountain! There’s a tunnel now but the views from the mountain path are amazing so it’s definitely worth the extra effort. What makes this secret little spot even more magical is the incredible Mulafossur waterfall that greets you on arrival, so much awesome!

Gásadalur and the Mulafossur Waterfall

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Hello from the Faroe Islands!

I’m here in the Faroe Islands for about a week, doing what exactly you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA! Haha! Definitely a few hikes, and maybe some exploring, yes lots of exploring! Anyway I’m staying in Torshavn and the people have been super-duper nice so far! I took this photo on a little walk through the town after settling in, this is gonna be fun!

Hello from the Faroe Islands

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Lost in Landmannalaugar

I got lost a number of times on the 3 day hike from Skogar to Landmannalaugar (they don’t make it easy), but on the final day I got REALLY lost! I like to see the funny side of these things but at the time it was quite disheartening. As I was getting close to my camp for the night (only a few kilometres away!) I came upon a fork in the road with a sign pointing to ‘Landmannahellir’, I could see this wasn’t ‘Landamannalauger’ but with no sign describing the other direction I thought I’d take my chances with the similar name (seriously what’s up the names over here??).

This was the wrong decision. On return there turned out to be another, far more descriptive sign a few hundred metres in the correct direction, you might want to put that one at the first fork people! Haha wow anyway I trudged on for over 5 kilometres in the wrong direction, doubt building with each step as the weather took a turn for the worst. When I finally reached a sign that confirmed my suspicions I was truly a broken man, having to retrace my steps and add another 10 kilometres to an already huge hike was brutal! On the brightside it makes a funny story and I saw some things I wouldn’t have otherwise, including this surreal landscape not far from my original mistake.

I’m moving on to the Faroe Islands soon but I have so many more photos from Iceland that I can’t wait to share with y’all!


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Landscapes of Laugavegur

After staying the night at Alftavatn (next to the lake you can see) my hike continued across the remarkable landscapes of Laugavegur.


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The Blue Mountains of Australia

I didn’t really know much about the Blue Mountains when I planned my trip so I was pleasantly surprised by what I encountered. Katoomba was fun but I think I enjoyed Blackheath even more, it was a really friendly town with excellent hiking nearby. I loved the waterfalls, mountains, valleys and beautiful landscapes of the Blue Mountains and would absolutely come back to check out the places I missed this time around. It’s just a few hours outside Sydney so there’s no reason not to! FYI “Ruined Castle” is not a real castle and certainly not an abandoned Disney-esque castle that you will have hours exploring with your camera (you need to know these things). Here are some of my favourite photos.

The view from Sunset Rock, Mt Victoria.Not Wentworth Falls but nearby.Just a lovely countryside.The Grotto.A gentle bend.Twilight.Rushing water.Sunset in the Aussie countryside.Nice little water feature.A steep descent.Glowing lake.Late sun.Hidden waterfall.Ferns in the valley.The Three Sisters.The end of the canyon.Forest glow.The fog.Valley sun.Wentworth ledge.The path.Epic cliffs.Sunset hills.Ruined Castle.Wentworth Falls.Sunset colours.Falling water.Under the waterfall.Late sun colours.River rocks while rivers rock.Sylvia Falls.In the jungle.

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Porters Pass

Another hiking trail I enjoyed in Blackheath was Porters Pass. I was there in the late afternoon and it was nice watching the sun slowly drop into the valley landscape (despite lugging around a giant tripod and camera at the same time…). I did a little experimenting with these ones in Lightroom which is always fun 🙂


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The Other Grand Canyon

I really have no idea but I’m guessing there’s a lot of “Grand Canyons” out there. Today I visited my second, this time in the Blue Mountains of Australia. It’s probably not a popular opinion but I think I enjoyed this one more than the US version, partly due to the curse of expectations but in my opinion it was just more beautiful. I appreciated the more well known Grand Canyon for its sheer epic grandness-ness but I also found it a little lifeless and boring. This Grand Canyon, hidden away in the Australian Blue Mountains outside Sydney had no such problem! It was the long way back to Blackheath but I’d heard good things so knuckled down and gave it a whirl. It was a tough but enjoyable walk highlighted by hidden waterfalls, lush ferns, flowing rivers and slippery rocks (be careful!). It made great fodder for my camera and I was pleased I put in the extra effort, despite getting back to Blackheath later than expected (and hungry, so so hungry).


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Govetts Leap near Blackheath

I did a long (but spectacular) walk today from Blackheath that went past Govetts Leap, which I’m pretty sure is the location you can see in the photo, if not, then it’s definitely somewhere nearby. I’m also pretty sure that “leap” is a scottish word meaning waterfall, again, I’m probably wrong.


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Sunset Rock at Mt Victoria

Hop on the train for a few hours from Sydney and you’ll get to the Blue Mountains, a sneaky good spot that’s cursed with an abundance of beautiful landscapes. After checking in at my accommodation at Mt Victoria I asked the helpful lady at the counter if she knew any nice places to watch the sun go down, well she said, there’s a trail about 20mins walk away that leads to a lookout called ‘Sunset Rock’. Bingo! I didn’t need to hear anything else, and the view didn’t disappoint!


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New Zealand Photo Adventure with Trey Ratcliff

Well that was fun! Big thanks to Trey, Curtis, Karen, Scott and everyone else who made this New Zealand photo adventure so awesome! I made some great new friends and it was cool seeing parts of NZ that I hadn’t been to before. I feel like I really improved my technical knowledge, composition and post-processing skills over the week and I’m looking forward to putting them into practise! These are a few of my favourite shots from the trip 🙂

Moody MilfordThe Primordial LakeThe UFO Landing SiteThe Perfect NZ SunsetThe Mysterious Glowing TreeMonkey CreekQueenstown from High AboveA Pond at the HillsThe DuelLake Wakatipu UFOMilford CloudsLady Bowen FallsMonkey Creek CloudsQueenstown Garden BridgeFunky CloudsBendemeer HayBendemeer HillsClassic NZ LandscapeGlenorchy Lake HillsBendemeer WarmthKorean PrisonJumper at the HillsThe RemarkablesA Glenorchy PathA Glenorchy SunsetDeer Park FieldsThe Winding RoadThe Wolves GatherEarly Morning on Lake WakatipuBendemeer UFO'sSunrise on Lake WakatipuGlenorchy WatersGlenorchy ReflectionsWide Open SpacesEarthynessWool Shed Stars

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Bendemeer Moments

Man this place was so photogenic I’m tempted to refer to anything similar from now on as a “Bendemeer Moment”, I probably won’t but still, this place was amazing! As I mentioned in an earlier post, Bendemeer is a residential development near Arrowtown and Lake Hayes. We caught it on the perfect night where the colours and light changed dramatically every few minutes while the sun slowly dropped below the horizon.


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Funky Clouds near Lake Hayes

As the night went on the clouds got more and more interesting. These funky clouds near Lake Hayes look like blobs of paint thrown against a wall, and I love them for it.


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Bales and Bales of Hay

To finish our incredible Queenstown adventure we went to a residential development near Arrowtown and Lake Hayes called Bendemeer. It’s a stunningly gorgeous spot and we definitely hit it on a good night, the first photo I took (after jumping a few fences) was of these hay bales and things only got better after that!


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Beautiful Milford Sound

Funnily enough I’m the only New Zealander on this trip, Trey is getting close to Kiwi status but I think he has to work on his accent a little 🙂 I guess we can see our country whenever we want but I’d never seen this part of NZ and having the opportunity to experience it with an amazing group of photographers was just too good an opportunity to miss. Now that I’m here in beautiful Milford Sound I can’t believe I didn’t come earlier! I’ve been out of the country a lot though and my interest in photography and the outdoors has really only blossomed recently. We spent a lot of time taking photos down at the water’s edge and it was great fun! The tide was rolling in so every couple of minutes you had to pack up your gear and make a break for dry land over the slippery rocks. From here we took a memorable cruise through the fjord, checking out Lady Bowen Falls and enjoying the company of some very playful dolphins. Good times!


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On the Road to Milford Sound

On our way to Milford Sound we stopped at a number of beautiful spots to stretch our legs, the legs of our tripods that is! Monkey Creek is the only name I can remember but there was also a short walking track, some beautiful grassy plains, a look out, a tunnel and some interesting bridges. So much awesome!


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