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A Night at the Burj Al Arab

Trey and I headed out to the beach to finish our time in Dubai and it felt a lot more relaxed than the downtown area. We stayed near the Burj Al Arab which is apparently a 7-star hotel, I’m not even sure I understand what that means, do they have extra towels? Maybe higher minibar prices? Who knows. It was fun taking photos along the beach and we even had a few drinks way up there at the Burj Al Arab’s Skyview Bar. It was expensive of course but still totally worth it! YOLO baby!

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A Church Under the Stars

Tekapo is famous for it’s crystal clear night skies so what better place for some astrophotography! The last time I was here was probably about 7 years ago when I worked for a science centre in Christchurch called ‘Science Alive!’. Some of the educators and I did a field trip to the Mt John Observatory, staying a few nights so we could get the full blown astronomy experience. I remember seeing Saturn through one of their telescopes and having my mind completely blown, it was so beautiful! The guy in charge also had the most epic laser pointer, which the 8 year old in me found equally compelling.

Anyway here I was again, this time staying closer to the township so I could take photos of the Church of the Good Shepherd. This is a popular landmark (by New Zealand standards) so there were tourist buses constantly coming and going. It was quieter at night but I was still surprised by the number of people there taking photos, which was kinda fun!…and kind annoying! Haha mostly because of the car headlights, but even they could at times be useful for illuminating the church.

I don’t have a good lens for astrophotography at the moment but the Sony A7s is so freaky fast that I got away with some wide angle shots at f4 over about 20 seconds. Including this one that benefited from some whispy clouds that were lurking that night.

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Reflections of Skogafoss

Before starting a 3 day, 90km hike to Landmannalauger I stayed the night in Skogar. It’s a small Icelandic village known for the 60 metre high waterfall named Skogafoss which you can see pictured. Rain stopped me from taking a photo until it was dark but it was well worth the wait. The rain left behind some large puddles which I used to get a nice reflection, they give photos a bit of an x-factor so I love to make use of them when I can. The darkness was a bonus too, sure I couldn’t see much but the long exposure (4 minutes) helped bring the scene to life and I had the whole place to myself!

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The Rocks at Vik

I wandered down to the beach at Vik (in Southern Iceland) one night to take some long exposure photos. There was thick cloud about and it was REALLY dark, I mean I could barely see anything out there! To set up a shot I first cranked the ISO up as high as it could go and took a quick trial exposure purely to see what was out there. After getting the composition right I crunched some numbers based on the high ISO trial and then took the real deal with a much lower ISO (1600 in this case). I would wait for anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes for the exposure to finish which was incredibly boring! Haha you have no idea how slow time moves when you’re on a beach in the middle of the night in Iceland! I just kind of walked about aimlessly until the exposure was finished. At least the long wait made it super exciting to see the results!


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Fireworks at Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

Sometimes you just get lucky. I had no idea about the annual fireworks display held at Jokulsarlon (a glacial lagoon in Southern Iceland) until I arrived in Hofn and was told that it was on that very night! Barely believing my luck I jumped on one of the organized buses and off we went. The wind coming off the lagoon was pretty cold (it is glacial after all) but the fireworks were awesome and the whole night was just amazingly surreal. You’ve set a high bar Iceland, it’s gonna be tough to top this!

Fireworks at Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

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Reykjavik Seashore at Night

I arrived in Reykjavik pretty late but I really wanted to get out there and have a look around so that’s exactly what I did! Luckily for me it doesn’t get dark until late here during the summer, it was close to midnight when I took this photo but as you can see there was still light on the horizon. I could have easily had an early night at my hostel but it was a gorgeous evening so I’m glad I got out there and made the most of it!

Reykjavik Seashore at Night

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Tokyo Bay at Night from Odaiba

I spent the evening in Odaiba, taking photos while walking along the waterfront. It’s nice out here and there are lots of opportunities for photography (including giant robots). You can see the Rainbow Bridge in the background of this photo as well as some light trails from boats moving across the bay. This was a 20 second exposure which explains the light trails and cloud movement. I also used my 14mm wide angle lens to fit in as much Tokyo Bay magic as possible! 🙂


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Endless Skyscrapers in Osaka

Osaka is such a great city for night photography! There are lots of futuristic buildings and interesting cityscapes to enjoy, especially from above. This shot of skyscrapers surging into the night sky was from the Umeda Sky Building, which has some great 360 degree views, plus they allow tripods! The exposure was five seconds long and there’s no way I could hold the camera steady for that long without a tripod, I can’t even hold it steady for one second!


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Pacific Nights

I’m super excited to explore the islands here in French Polynesia so a bit of darkness isn’t going to slow me down! In fact I think night time photography could be really interesting over here. I took this shot while going for a walk towards Cook’s Bay, cars were occasionally whizzing by so I thought it would be a good chance to capture some light trails. The palm trees looked great in the moonlight and I’m happy with how this one turned out! 🙂


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Twilight at the St Kilda Pier

Here’s another shot from the St Kilda Pier. There was just enough light left on the horizon at this point of the evening to get some colour to go along with a few early stars.


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The View from My New Apartment

This is the view from my new apartment in Southbank, Melbourne. It’s mostly a giant Crown building but hey, always good to be living right next to a casino right?…


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To Infinity and Beyond at the Melbourne Arts Centre

There’s just something about this photo of the Melbourne Arts Centre that makes me want to shout “to infinity and beyond!” like I’m Buzz Lightyear or something. Maybe it’s the spire thing that looks a bit like a space rocket, or maybe it’s because I’m a bit weird….ok it’s definitely that.


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Late Night Reflections in Melbourne

You can get some wonderful late night photos in Melbourne along the Yarra River, this is in front of the rowing club looking towards Federation Square. There was a dark, moody feel to the scene so I used a slightly underexposed shot and heavily vignetted the corners to help accentuate that while processing in Lightroom.


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The Walker Fountain in Kings Domain

The Walker Fountain in Kings Domain, Melbourne looks great at night and I especially like the smooth, almost ghostly appearance of the water if you do a long exposure. This one was 25 seconds in length, long enough to create a nice water effect but too long to keep the energetic jogging gang sharp, that took a much shorter exposure which I merged through later.


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Flames Over the Yarra River

I mentioned the other day how much I love reflections so it might not surprise you to see them in this photo too! There’s a flame show every hour between 9pm and midnight along Southbank here in Melbourne and I’ve always wanted to involve them in some kind of composition. There were lots of inviting puddles around after some rain so it seemed like as good a time as any to give this shot a try. There were a lot of people coming past so it ended up being quite difficult! I took a number of different exposures and managed to merge them together to create something that worked. 🙂


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The Eternal Flame

Shadows flickering in the eternal flame at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.


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The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance at Night

I took some interesting photos at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance in Kings Domain the other night. This was a 30 second exposure at f/5 and ISO 100 if you’re interested in those kind of geeky details!


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The MCG at Night

Melbourne is sports crazy, like seriously sports crazy! You can see half a dozen stadiums, parks and arenas in this shot alone, including the mighty MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). You can also see where they hold the Australian Tennis Open, one of my favourite events here in Melbourne!


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Lights Over the Yarra River

Melbourne is a great city for taking photos at night! Especially along the Yarra River where you can get some really nice reflections of the skyline. This spot in Southbank is one of my favourites.


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Returning to the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I took a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge about a year and a half ago so coming back and taking another now offers me a good chance to see how I’ve progressed as a photographer in that time. When you make incremental improvements it’s sometimes hard to notice the change but it is happening!


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