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The Bend at Tahunanui Beach

I took this photo during a walk around Tahunanui Beach here in Nelson, New Zealand. I couldn’t fit the nice little tidal bend into one shot so ended up stitching 5 photos together to make a panorama, something that I’ve been doing more of lately using Photoshop. I export the individual shots through Lightroom and hey presto we’ve got a panorama! My computer churns through the process quite slowly and I might have to do a little adjusting when the algorithm doesn’t get it quite right but all things considered it’s surprisingly easy!

The Bend at Tahunanui Beach

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TMB – The Panoramas

The panoramas of the Tour du Mont Blanc are really something special so I made sure to capture a few using my camera’s nifty panorama mode. They don’t always come out perfect but they help show just how epic some of the mountain ranges on the TMB are.


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Rosengarten Panoramas

Here’s a few panorama photos I took from a high point in the Rosengarten mountains, possibly near Rosengartenspitze. The view was incredible, especially with the dark clouds hovering around.


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Latemar Group Panoramas

Here’s some panorama photos from our hiking expedition in the Latemar group. Just a great day in the mountains.


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Surprise! Waimea Canyon

I’m going to be honest with you, before I came to Kauai, I’d never heard of Waimea Canyon (shame on me). So it came as quite a surprise when we arrived to see the epic nature of it. Just another bonus of life here on Kauai, seriously is there any kind of natural feature that it doesn’t have?? I’ve seen rivers, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, valleys, cliffs, fields, rainforests and now a canyon, when will it end??


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Kalalau Valley

To get a different view of the spectacular Kalalau Valley you can drive up past Waimea Canyon and find a range of beautiful look out spots, as well as a number of hiking opportunities. I can’t get enough of Kalalau (and Kauai in general) so I loved every minute of it. After driving up to the final look out we followed one of the trails further down into the valley, it was quite undulating but nothing too serious. Just another day in paradise.


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Na Pali Coast Panoramas

It’s impossible to capture the incredible Na Pali Coast in a single photograph and it’s probably not going to be any easier with a panorama, but here’s to trying! These are two of my favorite panoramas from the boat trip I took around the Na Pali coast.


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A Cloudy Day at Hanalei Bay

A cloudy day at Hanalei Bay, that rhymes. Yeah, anyway I was out at Hanalei Bay for the day doing a little boogie boarding and what not and took a few snaps while I was there, as I like to do. The weather wasn’t perfect but the beach was still good times, cowabunga.


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Haleakala Crater Rim Panorama

To celebrate my downhill mountain biking experience that didn’t end in broken bones, let’s all enjoy a panoramic picture of the Haleakala volcano crater rim. You can see the visitor center on the left side of the photo, that’s where everyone crams in to avoid the cold before the sun rises.


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Diamond Head Panorama

Panorama warning! Please remain calm while heading for the exits. As you’ve probably guessed, this a panorama photo of Waikiki beach taken from the top of Diamond Head in Oahu.


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St Kilda Beach Mega Panorama!

Today I went a little wild and created what can only be called a mega panorama! St Kilda beach turned out to be too big for my camera so I had to stitch together multiple panoramas to make it work, not to mention wading out into the water holding my camera above my head. Now you can enjoy the beauty of St Kilda beach in your own home using your 14320 x 1770 ultra crazy thin wide screen display! Or, you can look at it on your normal size screen and think “this is stupid, I can barely see anything”, perfect.


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Sydney City 2 Surf Panorama

Took a detour through Sydney to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and watch him and my sisters run the Sydney City to Surf. My role was behind the camera, which was probably for the best. I heard that it’s the biggest running race in the world, which wouldn’t surprise me as it was packed!


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Panoramas of the Japanese Alps

Here’s a few panorama photos from my time climbing in the Japanese Alps. There’s the Azusa River, Mt Yari and some other gorgeous views that I encountered along the way.


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Manhattan Panorama

A panorama photo of the island of Manhattan taken from the top of the Rockefeller Center.


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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Panorama

A panorama photo from qualifying day at the Indy 500.


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Hamilton Pool Panorama

A panorama photo of the Hamilton Pool near Austin, Texas.


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Colorado Panorama

A panorama photo taken in Colorado, near the Mesa Verde National Park.


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Cliff Palace Panorama

A panorama of Cliff Palace at the Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.


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Monument Valley Panorama

A panorama photo of the Monument Valley landscape from near the national park visitor center.


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Grand Canyon Panorama

It’s tough to convey the size of the Grand Canyon in a normal photo so here’s a panorama shot, which still doesn’t do it justice.


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