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Lumphini Park in Bangkok

Lumphini Park caught my eye when I was looking for a place to stay in Bangkok, it’s always nice to find some greenery amidst the concrete jungle. I ended up at the Sofitel So which is a little pricey but look at the view! Plus the breakfast is amazing! Haha what more could a guy want!… Well one of my taxi drivers seemed to think I wanted a lot more, like “for good price”, haha thanks but no thanks sketchy taxi driver 🙂

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Under the Trees at Edinburgh Gardens

Edinburgh Gardens is a popular spot to hang out in the Fitzroy area of Melbourne, especially for hipsters! 🙂 While I’m not exactly a hipster myself, I do spend quite a bit of time down there and remembered to take my camera with me last time to get some nice shots from under the trees.


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A Week in Croatia

You can’t do Croatia justice in a week but you can bloody well try! Well that’s the attitude I had anyway as I raced from destination to destination, ignoring anything that involved standing still, maximizing my time and enjoying some of the best moments I’ve ever had while traveling. This was no sailing trip, I missed the sunny shores and all the beautiful islands that go with them but I’ll save that for another day, this trip was all about life in the fast lane. Dubrovnik was delightful, Split was spectacular, Plitvice was perfect and Zagreb was….zesty? These are some of my favorite photos, thanks for the memories Croatia, till we meet again.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park

I must admit that I’ve kind of fallen in love with the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. Ever since I first read about it and saw pictures of the cascading waterfalls I knew I was going to go there sooner rather than later. As the bus from Split gained elevation through the snowy mountains it became apparent that it would be different from the photos I had seen of the park taken in summer. Instead of a summery glow, the park was blanketed in a wintery white that while different, looked just as impressive. Another bonus of going so late in the year (I was literally the last guest in my hotel) was that I almost had the park to myself. It can get quite crowded in the summer months so it was nice to explore the lakes in such quiet surroundings. I took a 4WD to the upper lakes, did a few short hikes, ferried to the lower lakes, checked out Veliki Slap (the Big Waterfall), explored some caves, took a million photos and repeated something similar the next day before I left for Zagreb. It rained at times but to tell you the truth I barely noticed, the park lived up to my expectations and I’d be tempted to go back again some day.


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London, on a Good Day

London has been a wonderful base to experience a European summer and I was lucky enough to time it perfectly with the Olympics. Although I didn’t take any photos of Olympic action I had an incredible time and it was great to see the British people support the event with such enthusiasm and class. I thought I’d put together some of my favourite photos from my London adventure to help relive the good times. There are so many great landmarks and attractions here with everything from the Tower Bridge to Big Ben, the Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Gherkin, Wimbledon, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye and so much more all just a short trip on the Underground from each other. Thanks for the memories London, on a good day you can’t be beaten.

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Bronze Sculptures at Penny Park

Today I stumbled across a fantastic collection of bronze sculptures created by Tom Otterness that are known as “The Real World”. These wonderful characters can be found at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park (also known as Penny Park) in lower Manhattan. The sculptures depict real life social and cultural issues but their comical nature is the first thing that draws you in. I had a blast taking photos of these sculptures and recommend checking them out if you’re in the area.


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Walking the High Line in NYC

I really enjoyed walking along the High Line park last time I was in New York so I made sure to get back down to the lower west side of Manhattan to experience it again. The elevated walkway had been lengthened since I last saw it and there were new plants, sculptures and other artwork to enjoy. The High Line is a wonderful development and a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon in the sun.


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Strolling around Boboli Gardens

Let me start by saying that the Boboli Gardens are huge. While I originally planned on gently strolling around them, it ended up being more of a marathon, especially as a completionist who just has to see what’s around that next corner (it was another statue if you’re wondering). Good times though, the sculptures were interesting and let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to have a bad time in a famous Tuscan garden.


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A Library in the Park

I’ve wandered my way into Parc de l’Orangerie, a relaxing park in Strasbourg that even has it’s own little library where you can just stroll up and grab a book! Europeans are so civilized, this kind of thing would have been set on fire within minutes back home.


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The Beautiful City of Paris

Paris has a reputation of being a beautiful city, and guess what? It is! I really enjoyed my 5 days here and wish it could have been longer. As much as there is to see and do, it’s fun to just find a cafe somewhere and watch the world go by, if you can throw on a beret and carry around a baguette then you’re half way to becoming French. Some of the amazing things I was lucky enough to see were the Eiffel Tower (naturally), the Arc de Triomphe, the Paris catacombs, Notre Dame, the Palace of Versailles, Sainte-Chapelle, The French Tennis Open and other things I can’t think of right now. Here are some of my favourite Paris photos.

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Relaxing in Luxembourg Gardens

I’ve seen quite a bit of Paris now and I think my favourite spot is the Luxembourg Gardens, just a great spot to relax as the sun goes down. Here’s a photo of me sitting on a chair, although in my mind it’s more of a throne.


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Kurihama Flower World

You’re not going to believe this but somehow I’ve found myself in Japan again, and not just any place but Kurihama Flower World! Yes, THE Kurihama Flower World, the one you’ve heard nothing about but are subconsciously desperate to see, well today’s you’re lucky day! Although in an interesting twist I didn’t seem to take any photos of flowers, weird.


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Being a Super-Tourist in New York

71.4% of people on the island of Manhattan are tourists (I completely made that up) and I am one of them. This means I do things like walking the Brooklyn Bridge, exploring Central Park, visiting the diner from Seinfeld, eating street food, chilling at rooftop bars, making shady transactions on Wall Street and so on. After finishing my 5th day of this routine I think I’ve become some sort of super-tourist, just try and stop me taking a photo of that skinny looking building I once saw on Friends!

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Chicago on a Good Day

Apparently there’s nothing better than Chicago on a good day, well I’ll like to go ahead and confirm that. The only thing that could have made it better was the Bulls beating the Heat but I guess you can’t have it all. In fact we were lucky enough to get three good days out of Chi-Town, relaxing in Millennium Park, staring at the giant silver jellybean, cruising the waterfront, venturing to the top of Willis Tower etc. I was told to try Chicago’s famous deep pan pizza, and it almost killed me. I pride myself on my food eating abilities but this was more cheese than a mere mortal could handle, I battled through two slices before collapsing to the floor and assuming the fetal position.

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Cliff Palace Panorama

A panorama of Cliff Palace at the Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.


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Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde

Made a quick visit to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado to check out some of the ruins. We spent most of our time at Cliff Palace, the most well known of the cliff dwellings there.

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Bryce Canyon isn’t a Real Canyon??

Canyons seem to be in fashion on the road trip at the moment so why not keep the run going. Today it’s Bryce Canyon, which according to wikipedia isn’t even a real canyon?? I feel so ripped off! Turns out it’s a collection of giant natural amphitheaters, whatever that means. It’s easy on the eye and obviously a pretty special spot, even if it isn’t a real canyon (so bitter right now).


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Up & Down Angels Landing

Today I set out to get up and down Angels Landing, a short (around 4km) but steep trail that offers some spectacular views of Zion Canyon. I was looking forward to a bit of hiking and Angels Landing did not disappoint. Some sections are really steep and genuinely freaky, especially when a rusty chain is the only thing between you and a meeting with the ground. It was exhilarating stuff though and I spent at least half an hour soaking up the views from the top before making my way down.

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The Three Patriarchs of Zion Canyon

I thought the Three Patriarchs were a particularly cool part of Zion Canyon, cool enough to get their own photo, congrats guys!


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Zion Canyon is Amazing

Zion Canyon is amazing and you know it! Well if you’ve been there you do. You hear plenty about the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Statue of Liberty etc but places like Zion and Yosemite seem to slip through the radar, well they slipped through my poorly calibrated New Zealand radar anyway, I hadn’t really heard of them until I was planning my trip. This is another place I could happily come back to.

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