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Under the Santa Monica Pier

This is my first photo taken with the new Sony a7r II and I quite like it! 🙂 I don’t think it would have looked much different with the original a7r (or any other modern digital camera for that matter) but it at least helps me justify the ridiculous price I paid haha! Well kind of anyway… Obviously I need to play around with it a lot more but at first glance it seems pretty similar to the a7r, a little bigger, a slight bump in stats (more megapixels baby!) and with some of those weird software quirks thankfully fixed (bracketing/timer limitations etc).

As for the photo, I went for a casual stroll along the beach in Santa Monica ending up underneath the pier at sunset. The light blasted through creating all kinds of awesome shadows, just a really cool scene.

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Sunset at the St Kilda Pier

The St Kilda Pier is a popular place to watch the sunset in Melbourne and I can see why, I must remember to come out here more often!


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A Cloudy Day at Hanalei Bay

A cloudy day at Hanalei Bay, that rhymes. Yeah, anyway I was out at Hanalei Bay for the day doing a little boogie boarding and what not and took a few snaps while I was there, as I like to do. The weather wasn’t perfect but the beach was still good times, cowabunga.


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