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Big Boats at the Dubai Marina

Time for a leisurely stroll down at the Dubai Marina, just me and the ‘tripod police’, haha how romantic! I can’t believe how much energy is put in to stopping people taking photos here in Dubai, aren’t pretty photos of your city a good thing?? Anyway I did manage to take this photo (yay for me!) and I really like it! What a cool spot, I wonder how often these boats leave the marina? Possibly never to answer my own question, owning a big boat is all about owning a big boat, have you seen my big boat? It’s in the Dubai Marina. It’a a big boat.

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Exploring the Tokyo International Forum

I don’t know much about architecture but I do know that the Tokyo International Forum in Chiyoda is totes awesome! Haha that’s right even a layman like me can enjoy the awesomeness, especially with a camera! You could probably spend hours here going from floor to floor finding interesting compositions, it’s free to look around too so what are you waiting for!


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The Crystal Tower in Osaka Business Park

I went for a casual stroll around the Osaka Business Park one evening and came to the conclusion that they’ve made very liberal use of the word ‘park’. Sure there are some trees sprinkled about but it feels very much like your typical business district, maybe it makes workers feel better about going to work, knowing they work in a ‘park’. Just an observation anyway, I did find some cool stuff down there, including the monolithic Crystal Tower. I would normally flip the camera to get the whole building in shot but I really like the imposing look it had in landscape.


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Timeless Reflections at Monaco, Nelson

I’m back home in Nelson, New Zealand for a few days and I’ve taken the opportunity to take some photos at Monaco, a lovely little boating area. I don’t normally go with black and white but I do like it every now and then and sometimes the situation just demands it! This seemed like one of those situations with the calm water giving the image a serene, timeless feel which is in direct contrast to my previous photo!


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Sunset Reflection from the Eureka Tower in Melbourne

I’ve been living near the Eureka Tower for a while now but hadn’t gone up to the observation deck until a few days ago. I was waiting for some epic weather and I think I found it on this night! After cruising up to the 88th floor I walked around the observation deck a few times, waiting for sunset while looking for interesting compositions.

With just a thin gap between the clouds and the horizon there was only going to be a small window of opportunity to capture the sun as it fell through the void. I can tell you that it was quite a spectacle when it did! Light suddenly flooded the city and I went to work getting as many shots as I could. It was interesting going through the sequence afterwards as the images suddenly explode to life for a brief moment. I spent most of my time looking through the windows at this spot as I thought the reflection off the gold plated windows was super cool.

As you might imagine with so many windows and reflections involved, there was a lot of stray light. It took some work cleaning things up but I think the final result is pretty cool and a nice reminder for me of that moment when the sun dropped beneath those dramatic clouds and Melbourne came to life.


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Late Night Reflections in Melbourne

You can get some wonderful late night photos in Melbourne along the Yarra River, this is in front of the rowing club looking towards Federation Square. There was a dark, moody feel to the scene so I used a slightly underexposed shot and heavily vignetted the corners to help accentuate that while processing in Lightroom.


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Flames Over the Yarra River

I mentioned the other day how much I love reflections so it might not surprise you to see them in this photo too! There’s a flame show every hour between 9pm and midnight along Southbank here in Melbourne and I’ve always wanted to involve them in some kind of composition. There were lots of inviting puddles around after some rain so it seemed like as good a time as any to give this shot a try. There were a lot of people coming past so it ended up being quite difficult! I took a number of different exposures and managed to merge them together to create something that worked. 🙂


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Sunset at the St Kilda Marina

I love reflections and I don’t really know why! I mean, I kinda do but I don’t specifically know what’s going on in the brain when we see them, they seem to have a certain magical quality that the brain really approves of. Anyway, they’re great for photography so I actively seek them out whenever I can, especially still water reflections in lagoons, ponds, lakes and marinas. Which brings me to this photo from the St Kilda Marina in Melbourne. It was a gorgeous evening and this scene really jumped out at me when I walked past. I closed the aperture all the way to f/22 to enhance the sun rays and really maximize the magic!


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Ornamental Lake at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens

I was back at the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne today, strolling around with my camera. I’ve been there a number of times but I always seem to find a new path to explore. This shot is of the Ornamental Lake, which looks twice as good if you can get a nice reflection.


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A Melbourne Cloud Monster

The weather in Melbourne can change pretty quickly, I think that’s a common saying in a lot of cities but it’s really true here! I find that some of the best landscape photo opportunities occur during these weather changes so when a funky storm was breaking up the other day I went on a bit of adventure with my camera to see if I could take advantage of it. While I was admiring the sun breaking through the clouds in one direction I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched, I turned around to see a seriously weird cloud formation that looked like some kind of cloud monster! Cool! 🙂


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Lights Over the Yarra River

Melbourne is a great city for taking photos at night! Especially along the Yarra River where you can get some really nice reflections of the skyline. This spot in Southbank is one of my favourites.


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Enjoying the Ride

The kids in Banaue love nothing more than to jump on the back of Jeepneys passing through their village. It’s usually a short ride down the road to their mate’s place but I don’t think they care much about where they end up, it’s all about jumping on and enjoying the ride, life is about the journey rather than the destination after all. This shot stood out to me because of the sunset reflection and the two old guys in the background who look seriously confused.


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The King’s Trail – Hiking Kungsleden

When I was researching fun hiking destinations in Europe, Kungsleden (the King’s Trail) just kind of jumped out at me from nowhere. I’d never heard of it and then all of a sudden I was reading about it everywhere, with people raving about the unique landscapes and beautiful scenery. It didn’t take much persuading for me to book tickets and make my way into the Arctic Circle for the first time. Flying over Lappland was the first eye opener, with vast plains and shimmering lakes covering the world below. There was a little asking around involved but I didn’t have too many problems finding accommodation in Kiruna and a train to Abisko, the northern end of the Kungsleden trail. From here it was an endless supply of gorgeous views, mixed with changeable weather and a late setting sun (it is summer in the Arctic after all). I saw reindeer, learned about the Sami people, climbed to the highest point in Sweden and ate a lot of dried fruit. From a photography stand point it was fantastic, with the section from Abiskojaure to Alesjaure being the highlight, the reflecting lakes and funky cloud formations were mesmerizing. The Kungsleden trail stretches much further south but like most people I walked the northern section, finishing my journey at Nikkaluokta. I’d love to come back in the winter to see the northern lights and do some dog sledding but for now I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Kungsleden adventure.


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Kungsleden – Tjäktja to Salka

With another big day in mind I got up early and made my way over the Tjäktja pass, it’s quite a rocky section so I found it tough to get a smooth rhythm going while I walked. I got to the top eventually and had a rest at the small cabin which sits next to the lake. From here it was down to Tjäktjavagge, an epic valley that leads to the Salka hut, around 6 kilometres from the the top of the Tjäktja pass.


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Kungsleden – Abiskojaure to Alesjaure

I got up early today to give myself a chance of reaching the Tjäktja hut, around 33 kilometres away. My first target would be Alesjaure so I packed up my things after a comfortable stay at the Abiskojaure hut and headed off. The landscape in these parts is really unique and feels quite alien to me, I spent a lot of time gazing into the distance and marveling at reflections in the lakes, strange clouds and interesting rock formations.


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Kungsleden – Surreal Reflections

While walking from Abiskojaure to Alesjaure I came across a number of surreal reflections in the lakes that follow alongside the Kungsleden trail. The funky cloud formations were a constant amazement and I thought they looked especially cool in this shot of a boat on the lake.


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Kungsleden – Abisko to Abiskojaure

To get my hiking adventure started I took a train from Kiruna to Abisko, arriving at the northern end of the Kunglseden trail. There were some other hikers about so I followed them from the train station to a wooden gate that marked the start of my Kungsleden trek. The sun was shining and the 15km walk from Abisko to Abiskojaure lake was beautiful. I’d almost go as far as calling it relaxing after the up and down nature of the Tour du Mont Blanc I hiked a few weeks ago. I got to Abiskojaure quite early but decided to stay at the hut there for the night rather than pushing on to Alesjaure, which was another 20km away.


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TMB – Tre-le-Champ to Refuge de la Flégère

My guide book says that you should pray for good weather between Tre-le-Champ and Refuge de la Flégère, I can’t say I did but I woke to the best weather you could ever wish for. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the views of the Mont Blanc massif as the sun came up were incredible. This was definitely my favourite section of the the Tour du Mont Blanc as it featured steep climbs, ladders, crazy rock formations and the spectacular Lac Blanc. You can actually take a slightly shorter route that skips Lac Blanc but you’d be crazy to miss it, CRAZY!


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TMB – Lac Blanc

I’ve seen some amazing scenery on the TMB but I think Lac Blanc takes the cake, it’s breathtaking. I walked around the lake and took about a million photos but who can blame me, it’s stunning.


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TMB – La Fouly to Champex

La Fouly to Champex is a fairly cruisy section of the TMB, unless you’ve already walked 12km. I’d read that this was the easiest part of the TMB so I aimed to tick off 32km, my longest day of hiking. Naturally I went way off track chasing waterfalls and scenic views with my camera, adding more distance to a day that seemed like it wouldn’t end as a slowly ascended to Champex. I also experienced substantial rain for the first time on the trip and while it was nice to test out my wet weather gear, it wasn’t so nice to work out how bad it was. Today was hard work but with waterfalls, lakes, forest sculptures and unique Swiss houses to keep me entertained it was also pretty fun.


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