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Lumphini Park in Bangkok

Lumphini Park caught my eye when I was looking for a place to stay in Bangkok, it’s always nice to find some greenery amidst the concrete jungle. I ended up at the Sofitel So which is a little pricey but look at the view! Plus the breakfast is amazing! Haha what more could a guy want!… Well one of my taxi drivers seemed to think I wanted a lot more, like “for good price”, haha thanks but no thanks sketchy taxi driver 🙂

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Melbourne from High Above

I love coming up here to the viewing deck at the Eureka Tower in Melbourne every now and then. If I’m not busy and it looks like it might be a nice sunset I’ll head on up and take photos for an hour or so, just casually strolling about looking for interesting shots. The sun sets at different locations on the horizon over the year (kinda obvious but still something to think about) so it’s always a little different. Right now in summer it drops into the ocean at the end of the Yarra River and I like the way your eyes follow the river past Southbank all the way out to Port Melbourne as the sun says goodbye for another day.

Melbourne from High Above

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Endless Skyscrapers in Osaka

Osaka is such a great city for night photography! There are lots of futuristic buildings and interesting cityscapes to enjoy, especially from above. This shot of skyscrapers surging into the night sky was from the Umeda Sky Building, which has some great 360 degree views, plus they allow tripods! The exposure was five seconds long and there’s no way I could hold the camera steady for that long without a tripod, I can’t even hold it steady for one second!


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A Storm of Colour over Osaka

When I book hotels in cities these days I try to remember to ask for a high room with a nice view, hotels can be great for epic cityscapes! It doesn’t always work out but sometimes they really make an effort, especially if you’re polite about it. They helped me out when I stayed at the Hotel Monterey Grasmere in Osaka and I got some great views of the city. The sky was amazing that evening so I was twice as thankful for having the sweet view!


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Sunrise in the Heart of Melbourne

I took this shot from the bridge that goes over the Yarra River on St Kilda Road early one morning as the sun came up. If I had to recommend just one place in Melbourne to take photos then it would probably be around here in the centre of the city near Federation Square. Sure it’s a bit touristy but you can find a wide variety of interesting shots within just a short walk. Obviously there’s much more to see but I’m sure busy people with just a few hours up their sleeve will appreciate my half-arsed and completely obvious suggestion. 🙂


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Late Night Reflections in Melbourne

You can get some wonderful late night photos in Melbourne along the Yarra River, this is in front of the rowing club looking towards Federation Square. There was a dark, moody feel to the scene so I used a slightly underexposed shot and heavily vignetted the corners to help accentuate that while processing in Lightroom.


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Lights Over the Yarra River

Melbourne is a great city for taking photos at night! Especially along the Yarra River where you can get some really nice reflections of the skyline. This spot in Southbank is one of my favourites.


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Manila Has Me Now

After 24 hours of delays (nice one Malaysia Airlines!) I’m out of airports and starting a new adventure, this time in the Philippines. I’m getting things started in Manila but I can’t wait to get out of here to tell you the truth, the traffic is horrendous! Anyway, this is the view from my hotel, I’ll just leave it at that.


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Full Moon Over Split

This best things in life seem to happen be accident, and photography appears to be no different. After recovering from an incredible sunset on one side of the bay I walked closer to the centre of Split, stopping at the marina to take photos of the city at night. The shots looked quite nice but just as I was packing up I noticed a light forming above the hill. I eventually realized (suprisingly slowly) that it was the moon, a full moon! I quickly set up my tripod again and got this shot as the moon sat just above the hills, partially obscured by some hazy clouds. I’m happy with how it turned out and all thanks to a bit of dumb luck!


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New York Skyline Sunset

During an incredible evening watching the US Open men’s tennis final I took this sunset photo of the New York skyline, a memorable way to end my second visit to the Big Apple.


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Sunset Over Manhattan

It looked like it was going to be a gorgeous evening so I jumped on the subway and went over to the Gantry Plaza State Park in Queens to watch the sunset over midtown Manhattan. It’s a great little spot and the sunset certainly didn’t disappoint.


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