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Melbourne from High Above

I love coming up here to the viewing deck at the Eureka Tower in Melbourne every now and then. If I’m not busy and it looks like it might be a nice sunset I’ll head on up and take photos for an hour or so, just casually strolling about looking for interesting shots. The sun sets at different locations on the horizon over the year (kinda obvious but still something to think about) so it’s always a little different. Right now in summer it drops into the ocean at the end of the Yarra River and I like the way your eyes follow the river past Southbank all the way out to Port Melbourne as the sun says goodbye for another day.

Melbourne from High Above

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Sunset Over Bergen, Norway

The hills above Bergen, Norway are great for hiking! I didn’t really know what to expect but there are lots of trails up there and the views are spectacular. I followed a fairly obvious path to begin with but as the sun began to set I went into full blown photographer mode trying to find the best sunset composition I could. I ended up going WAY off track but as I approached the EDGE OF A CLIFF things really opened up, just in time to watch the sun sneak below the clouds. Of course I had to walk an extra 4 or 5 kilometres back to my hotel but when I load the photos on to my computer later I’m always happy I made the extra effort!

Sunset over Bergen

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On the Way to Primrose Hill

I was on my way to Primrose Hill in London to watch the sunset but it was taking longer than expected. I paused briefly to take this photo of a quiet street on the way and it turned out being better than the actual photos from Primrose Hill. I guess life really is all about the journey rather than the destination. 🙂


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Sunset from the Galata Tower in Istanbul

You get an incredible view of Istanbul from the Galata Tower but it can be quite an ordeal making your way around the outside balcony! It was narrow, packed with people and just a wild experience! It didn’t seem like anyone knew what was going on, some people were trying to get a good vantage point and others were just trying to get the heck out of there! Haha. Totally worth it for the views but it was quite a acrophobic/claustrophobic experience!

Sunset from the Galata Tower in Istanbul

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A Storm of Colour over Osaka

When I book hotels in cities these days I try to remember to ask for a high room with a nice view, hotels can be great for epic cityscapes! It doesn’t always work out but sometimes they really make an effort, especially if you’re polite about it. They helped me out when I stayed at the Hotel Monterey Grasmere in Osaka and I got some great views of the city. The sky was amazing that evening so I was twice as thankful for having the sweet view!


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In Search of a Kyoto Sunset

In search of a nice  sunset in Kyoto I found a trail that took me high above the tree line with a great view of the setting sun. It peeked out from under the clouds right at the last moment and made all the effort of getting up there worthwhile. The only problem was getting back down, the forest trail was pretty dark and even led me through a spooky cemetery at one point!


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The View from Mt Otemanu, Bora Bora

It was my last full day on Bora Bora so I decided to relax and climb another mountain! Haha ok so it wasn’t exactly relaxing but it was definitely a memorable way to finish my trip! Mt Otemanu is impossible to miss but finding the track is actually quite difficult (it’s one of those climb it at your own risk experiences). I eventually found it with the help of a few online guides and off I went. It seemed to go on forever and there weren’t many breaks in the tree line to get a good view. It was getting late so in my desperation to get a decent photo I got a little ‘agricultural’, climbing up a bank and balancing precariously with just one free hand to take the photo (not easy with a giant Canon 5D Mark III). Anyway this was the final result, not bad all things considered.


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Sunset on Matira Beach, Bora Bora

The last few days of my trip are here on the island of Bora Bora. It’s been fun so far and I enjoyed watching the sunset last night on Matira Beach, Bora Bora’s only publicly accessible beach. I thought it would be much busier but I guess everyone else is enjoying cocktails from the comfort of their hotel pool!


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Sunset on the Island of Huahine

Huahine has a relaxed feel to it and it’s been nice casually strolling around on “island time”. There’s been quite a bit of cloud hovering above but it blows across the island quickly and never really settles in. At sunset these clouds are infused with colour and the whole scene can look quite surreal.


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Staying at the Hilton Moorea

I put quite a bit of research into the places I’m going to stay when I’m planning a trip and typically the most important factor is location. That’s the main reason I chose the Hilton Moorea and I’m glad I did! The staff are friendly and the views are spectacular! I should point out that I’m just a normal paying customer so I don’t have to be nice, if a hotel disappoints then I’ll definitely say so! Here’s a few of the photos I took while staying there, as you can see the overwater bungalows are gorgeous and the property looks amazing during sunrise and sunset.


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Climbing Mt Rotui, Moorea

I didn’t come to French Polynesia just to hang out on the beach! There are some amazing peaks here and climbing them was high on my list of things to do. Mt Rotui on the island of Moorea is only around 900 metres tall but it’s seriously rugged and a challenging climb. Walking along the ridge to the summit was a real thrill and the views are absolutely breathtaking. I made the mistake of leaving in the afternoon which made getting down tricky, the track can be hard to find and it becomes exponentially more difficult in the fading light. I eventually made it back down and boy did I sleep well that night! It’s a great experience and well worth it if you like a bit of adventure with your island holidays.


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Crossing the Moorea Lagoon

The lagoons here on Moorea are beautiful and they really come to life when the sun goes down and the all those amazing colours come out to play! I spotted a girl walking across the still water just after the sun had set and the scene had an almost magical feel to it, like she was walking on water.


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The View from Belvedere Lookout

If you visit the island of Moorea you should definitely make a trip to Belvedere Lookout. It gives you a good overview of the island and Mt Rotui (the mountain on the right of the photo) looks spectacular! There are also a number of walking trails that aren’t well sign posted but do lead to cool spots such as the one you can see right here in the photo.


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Sunset Reflection from the Eureka Tower in Melbourne

I’ve been living near the Eureka Tower for a while now but hadn’t gone up to the observation deck until a few days ago. I was waiting for some epic weather and I think I found it on this night! After cruising up to the 88th floor I walked around the observation deck a few times, waiting for sunset while looking for interesting compositions.

With just a thin gap between the clouds and the horizon there was only going to be a small window of opportunity to capture the sun as it fell through the void. I can tell you that it was quite a spectacle when it did! Light suddenly flooded the city and I went to work getting as many shots as I could. It was interesting going through the sequence afterwards as the images suddenly explode to life for a brief moment. I spent most of my time looking through the windows at this spot as I thought the reflection off the gold plated windows was super cool.

As you might imagine with so many windows and reflections involved, there was a lot of stray light. It took some work cleaning things up but I think the final result is pretty cool and a nice reminder for me of that moment when the sun dropped beneath those dramatic clouds and Melbourne came to life.


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Taking the Boat for a Spin

The sky was really beautiful on this night in Melbourne but I was lacking an interesting subject…..enter this guy and his boat. I helped him untie the rope attached to the pier and off he went, round and round in circles, right in front of that beautiful sky. I love Truman Show type moments like this! 🙂


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St Kilda Lighthouse

There’s something mysterious about lighthouses that I love! The St Kilda lighthouse in Melbourne is pretty easy to find but it was a little tricky to get this close. I had to carefully walk over some slippery rocks which is always intense when you’re holding an expensive camera! (especially after I destroyed my last camera by falling into the ocean! Haha this is not a joke). Thankfully all went to plan and I got a nice photo of the lighthouse for my troubles.


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Sunset at the St Kilda Marina

I love reflections and I don’t really know why! I mean, I kinda do but I don’t specifically know what’s going on in the brain when we see them, they seem to have a certain magical quality that the brain really approves of. Anyway, they’re great for photography so I actively seek them out whenever I can, especially still water reflections in lagoons, ponds, lakes and marinas. Which brings me to this photo from the St Kilda Marina in Melbourne. It was a gorgeous evening and this scene really jumped out at me when I walked past. I closed the aperture all the way to f/22 to enhance the sun rays and really maximize the magic!


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Scorched Skies Above Port Melbourne

I love it when the sun goes beneath the horizon and the clouds catch fire like this, scorched skies make for great photos! One of those great nights when the sky changes every few minutes, giving you a whole range of different photos without the need to move around much. I was at the Kerferd Road Pier by the way, a nice spot to watch sunsets here in Melbourne.


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Ornamental Lake at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens

I was back at the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne today, strolling around with my camera. I’ve been there a number of times but I always seem to find a new path to explore. This shot is of the Ornamental Lake, which looks twice as good if you can get a nice reflection.


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Worlds Apart – St Kilda after the Rain

The other day I posted a photo of some kind of cloud monster that formed as the weather broke up after a nasty storm in Melbourne. Well this is what was happening in the other direction as the sun broke through the clouds, it looked particularly cool in front of this interesting globe sculpture I stumbled upon in St Kilda.


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