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Timeless Split Apple Rock

While over here in Tasman Bay I got up early to take photos of Split Apple Rock (just around the corner from Marahau). It was close to 5am and still dark enough for a long exposure which helped smooth out the water. I don’t have an ND filter so to drag the exposure out for as long as possible (94 seconds) I maxed out the settings at ISO50 and F22. This brought out all the dirty spots on my lens but l gobbled up those dots in post like the Pac-Man you can kind of see in this photo if you tilt your head a little 🙂

I then ditched my camera, jumped in the water, swam over to the rock and did all those fun things you should remember to do in between taking photos!

One last thing you might find interesting is that a well known scientist was born around 40 minutes drive from here in a small town named Brightwater. His name is Ernest Rutherford, famous for splitting the atom…

Timeless Split Apple Rock

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The Boatsheds in Balestrand

I’ve stopped in Balestrand for a few nights and already done a little photowalk that ended up here at these wonderful little boatsheds sitting on the fjord. When I take a photo from a wharf/jetty structure like this I review the photos by zooming in super close to make sure there wasn’t too much up and down movement going on in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re bobbing up and down a little so it always pays to check! In this case there was some up and down movement so I cranked up the shutter speed and compensated with a higher ISO, problem solved!

The Boatsheds in Balestrand

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The Rocks at Vik

I wandered down to the beach at Vik (in Southern Iceland) one night to take some long exposure photos. There was thick cloud about and it was REALLY dark, I mean I could barely see anything out there! To set up a shot I first cranked the ISO up as high as it could go and took a quick trial exposure purely to see what was out there. After getting the composition right I crunched some numbers based on the high ISO trial and then took the real deal with a much lower ISO (1600 in this case). I would wait for anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes for the exposure to finish which was incredibly boring! Haha you have no idea how slow time moves when you’re on a beach in the middle of the night in Iceland! I just kind of walked about aimlessly until the exposure was finished. At least the long wait made it super exciting to see the results!


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The Choshi Ootaki Waterfall

My favourite sight along the Oirase River was the Choshi Ootaki Waterfall, real postcard material this one! I wanted smooth flowing water so closed the aperture to f/20 which increased the exposure length to four seconds, long enough to create that effect without overexposing the rest of the photo.


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