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A Pohutukawa Tree on Christmas Day

Happy holidays everyone! I went for a walk on Christmas day near the beach in Nelson, New Zealand and found this Pohutukawa. We also call it the New Zealand Christmas tree over here because of the beautiful crimson flowers you see at this time of year.

A Pohutukawa Tree on Christmas Day

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Exploring the Bamboo Groves of Arashiyama, Kyoto

I love walking through the bamboo forests in Arashiyama, Kyoto, they’re so moody and mysterious! It’s a playground for photographers and if you come early in the morning you pretty much get the whole place to yourself (it can be a little busy in the middle of the day). As you might imagine I went a little crazy here, walking back and forth along the path trying to decide which spot I liked best. In the end I couldn’t really decide but the area below is definitely one of my favourites.


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Kiyomizu-dera – A Temple in the Trees

However good you think your tree house is, this is better, so so much better. Kiyomizu-dera is an amazing temple in Kyoto which sits among the trees and offers some amazing photo opportunities! I’d love to come back and see it in different seasons, I hear it’s open at night during certain times of the year too.


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Pacific Nights

I’m super excited to explore the islands here in French Polynesia so a bit of darkness isn’t going to slow me down! In fact I think night time photography could be really interesting over here. I took this shot while going for a walk towards Cook’s Bay, cars were occasionally whizzing by so I thought it would be a good chance to capture some light trails. The palm trees looked great in the moonlight and I’m happy with how this one turned out! 🙂


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The Walker Fountain in Kings Domain

The Walker Fountain in Kings Domain, Melbourne looks great at night and I especially like the smooth, almost ghostly appearance of the water if you do a long exposure. This one was 25 seconds in length, long enough to create a nice water effect but too long to keep the energetic jogging gang sharp, that took a much shorter exposure which I merged through later.


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Autumn at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens

Is it botanic or botanical? I can never figure it out! Anyway I’ve spent some time down at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens this autumn and it’s gorgeous! There’s just something about all those leaves on the ground, I’m not 100% sure what that something is but I like to think it helps this photo. I don’t think you could find a more inviting place to sit down and read a book anywhere in Melbourne!


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Under the Trees at Edinburgh Gardens

Edinburgh Gardens is a popular spot to hang out in the Fitzroy area of Melbourne, especially for hipsters! 🙂 While I’m not exactly a hipster myself, I do spend quite a bit of time down there and remembered to take my camera with me last time to get some nice shots from under the trees.


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New Zealand Photo Adventure with Trey Ratcliff

Well that was fun! Big thanks to Trey, Curtis, Karen, Scott and everyone else who made this New Zealand photo adventure so awesome! I made some great new friends and it was cool seeing parts of NZ that I hadn’t been to before. I feel like I really improved my technical knowledge, composition and post-processing skills over the week and I’m looking forward to putting them into practise! These are a few of my favourite shots from the trip 🙂

Moody MilfordThe Primordial LakeThe UFO Landing SiteThe Perfect NZ SunsetThe Mysterious Glowing TreeMonkey CreekQueenstown from High AboveA Pond at the HillsThe DuelLake Wakatipu UFOMilford CloudsLady Bowen FallsMonkey Creek CloudsQueenstown Garden BridgeFunky CloudsBendemeer HayBendemeer HillsClassic NZ LandscapeGlenorchy Lake HillsBendemeer WarmthKorean PrisonJumper at the HillsThe RemarkablesA Glenorchy PathA Glenorchy SunsetDeer Park FieldsThe Winding RoadThe Wolves GatherEarly Morning on Lake WakatipuBendemeer UFO'sSunrise on Lake WakatipuGlenorchy WatersGlenorchy ReflectionsWide Open SpacesEarthynessWool Shed Stars

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On the Road to Milford Sound

On our way to Milford Sound we stopped at a number of beautiful spots to stretch our legs, the legs of our tripods that is! Monkey Creek is the only name I can remember but there was also a short walking track, some beautiful grassy plains, a look out, a tunnel and some interesting bridges. So much awesome!


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The Mysterious Glowing Tree

I did some exploring in the thick bush near Monkey Creek and came across this mysterious, mossy tree that looked extra mysterious with  glowing light coming through the canopy above. Hidden surprises like this are one of the reasons I love exploring spots a little off the beaten track.


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Hiking Fitz Roy

Hiking to Mt Fitz Roy was an amazing experience. There’s great trails and incredible landscapes that lead all the way up to Laguna de los Tres, the gorgeous lake that sits below the rugged Fitz Roy peak. Campamento Poincenot offered shelter from the winds overnight and allowed me to leave my heavy bags behind as I made my way up to the lake….twice. I also made the effort to check out the Piedras Blancas Glacier and Laguna Torre, as well as lots of other lakes and fun surprises along the way. I would liked to have pushed on to Lago Electrico but I’ve only got a limited amount of time here in Patagonia and I was more than satisfied with what I’d seen (and keen for a shower and some food!).


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The Invisible Car

I liked the look of this Phoenix palm tree near the Modeller’s Pond in Tahunanui so set up a long exposure shot on the ground (I’m waiting on a new tripod to arrive). Just as things were humming along a car came out of nowhere and ruined the shot, or did it? Turns out the invisible car did me a favour, this would have probably been a fairly ordinary photo but now I love it! Thanks invisible car!


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Tata Beach, Golden Bay

I used to visit Golden Bay more often when I was younger but it hasn’t happened much recently so it was nice to get over the Takaka Hill and enjoy Tata Beach, one of many beautiful spots in the region.


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Pohutukawa – The New Zealand Christmas Tree

‘Tis the season so here’s a photo of a Pohutukawa tree on Tata Beach in New Zealand’s Golden Bay. The Pohutukawa is known for it’s beautiful red flowers and ability to grow pretty much anywhere. The flowers tend to bloom in late December so it is often referred to as the New Zealand Christmas Tree. The scientific name is Metrosideros excelsa (which I’m pretty sure is also a spell used in the Harry Potter books), it’s a bit of a mouthful so let’s still stick with Pohutukawa.


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Loving Zagreb

After a crazy schedule traveling through Croatia I felt relieved just to make it to Zagreb, I’d explored some amazing places and taken a few nice pics so surely my work was done right? Wrong. Zagreb is too nice to dismiss like that so once again I set out to see what made it tick (first world problems right). There’s some beautiful parks, classic architecture and interesting sculptures to keep the camera busy and the city had a very welcoming feel to it. I was tempted to make my way out to the neighboring mountains for one final Croatian sunrise but then I realized my flight back to London was at 10am and I’d barely slept over the past week. Chalk up a point for sanity (possibly its first one on this trip). Loving Zagreb was easy and loving Croatia was even easier, good times.


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Plitvice Lakes National Park

I must admit that I’ve kind of fallen in love with the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. Ever since I first read about it and saw pictures of the cascading waterfalls I knew I was going to go there sooner rather than later. As the bus from Split gained elevation through the snowy mountains it became apparent that it would be different from the photos I had seen of the park taken in summer. Instead of a summery glow, the park was blanketed in a wintery white that while different, looked just as impressive. Another bonus of going so late in the year (I was literally the last guest in my hotel) was that I almost had the park to myself. It can get quite crowded in the summer months so it was nice to explore the lakes in such quiet surroundings. I took a 4WD to the upper lakes, did a few short hikes, ferried to the lower lakes, checked out Veliki Slap (the Big Waterfall), explored some caves, took a million photos and repeated something similar the next day before I left for Zagreb. It rained at times but to tell you the truth I barely noticed, the park lived up to my expectations and I’d be tempted to go back again some day.


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Chasing the Sorrento Sun

If there is one thing I will remember about Sorrento (other than limoncello) it’s the sun, it was everywhere. That might sound stupid but it dominates my thoughts and can definitely be seen in my photos which feature a lot of sun rising and sun setting. I enjoyed my time chasing the Sorrento sun and it’s a great base to explore the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Naples.


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Ticking Off Oahu

Coming to Hawaii I knew that Oahu would be the most crowded of the islands here so I was conscious to book a few nights less. Probably a good decision in the end as I think 3 days was about right, I could have spent more time around at the Kualoa Ranch area but maybe I’ll save that for another trip (because I regularly come to Hawaii??). There’s Japanese tourist groups and retired Americans everywhere but if you can look past the crowds you’ll find some fun places to check out. It felt a little like I was ticking off a checklist of must see spots but sometimes you just gotta get out there and tick them off. I used to watch the show LOST so seeing some of the locations where they filmed was a bonus (and by bonus I mean the only reason I came to Hawaii). Consider yourself ticked Oahu!


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Sequoia Trees, Suspiciously Big

Our journey through California took us next to Sequoia National Park, where the trees are clearly on steroids. I don’t know if I’m the first person to bring this up but it’s pretty obvious, look at the size of them!


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