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Timeless Split Apple Rock

While over here in Tasman Bay I got up early to take photos of Split Apple Rock (just around the corner from Marahau). It was close to 5am and still dark enough for a long exposure which helped smooth out the water. I don’t have an ND filter so to drag the exposure out for as long as possible (94 seconds) I maxed out the settings at ISO50 and F22. This brought out all the dirty spots on my lens but l gobbled up those dots in post like the Pac-Man you can kind of see in this photo if you tilt your head a little ūüôā

I then ditched my camera, jumped in the water, swam over to the rock and did all those fun things you should remember to do in between taking photos!

One last thing you might find interesting is that a well known scientist was born around 40 minutes drive from here in a small town named Brightwater. His name is Ernest Rutherford, famous for splitting the atom…

Timeless Split Apple Rock

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Hello from the Faroe Islands!

I’m here in the Faroe Islands for about a week, doing what exactly you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA! Haha! Definitely a few hikes, and maybe some¬†exploring, yes lots of exploring! Anyway I’m staying in Torshavn and the people have been super-duper nice so far! I took this photo on a little walk through the town after settling in, this is gonna be fun!

Hello from the Faroe Islands

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The Impossible Blue

I was absolutely mesmerized by this scene on the beach at Huahine. Fluffy white clouds floated across the impossibly blue sky as I slowly dozed off, drifting gently between worlds.


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Crossing the Moorea Lagoon

The lagoons here on Moorea are beautiful and they really come to life when the sun goes down and the all those amazing colours come out to play! I spotted a girl walking across the still water just after the sun had set and the scene had an almost magical feel to it, like she was walking on water.


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Timeless Reflections at Monaco, Nelson

I’m back home in Nelson, New Zealand for a few days and I’ve taken the opportunity to take¬†some photos at Monaco, a lovely little¬†boating area. I don’t normally go with black and white but I do like it every now and then and¬†sometimes the¬†situation just demands it! This seemed like one of those situations with the calm water¬†giving the image a¬†serene, timeless feel which is in direct contrast to my previous photo!


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Three Boats at St Kilda

I got up early and went out to St Kilda for some sweet sunrise action and my god it was cold! It doesn’t really get that cold here in Melbourne but the wind chill on this particular day was crazy town! I was pretty much frozen at this point but I managed to set up for a shot of these¬†three little boats that were practically demanding to be photographed!


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St Kilda Lighthouse

There’s something mysterious about lighthouses that I¬†love! The St Kilda lighthouse in Melbourne is pretty easy to find but it was a little tricky to get this close.¬†I had to carefully walk over some slippery rocks which is always intense when you’re holding an expensive camera! (especially after I destroyed my last camera by falling into the ocean! Haha this is not a joke). Thankfully all went to plan and I got a nice photo of the lighthouse for my troubles.


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The Waterfalls of Plitvice

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a natural wonder full of gorgeous lakes and waterfalls. The weather was a little varied while I was there but I managed to get some nice shots of the waterfalls that appear frequently along the hiking trails around the lakes.


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Chasing the Sorrento Sun

If there is one thing I will remember about Sorrento (other than limoncello)¬†it’s the sun, it was everywhere. That might sound stupid but it dominates my thoughts and can definitely be seen in my photos which feature a lot of sun rising and sun setting. I enjoyed my time chasing the Sorrento sun and it’s a great base to explore the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Naples.


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